Canadian Firearm Safety Courses

All Courses require payment before your seat will be confirmed.

Aiming for safety, The Canadian Firearms Safety Course (CFSC) was developed in partnership with the provinces and territories, national organizations with an ongoing interest in firearms safety, and many firearms and hunter education course instructors from across Canada. This course was developed to meet the mandatory requirements set out in subparagraph 106(2)(c)(i) of the Criminal Code of Canada and came into effect January 1, 1994.

As a result of the Firearms Act, the firearms safety training that is provided to firearms owners and users required modification. The revised CFSC, which was implemented on Sept 1st, 2016, reflects the new legislation. The legislation stipulates that individuals wishing to acquire non-restricted/restricted firearms must take the CFSC and pass the tests. Challenges are no longer offered.

When taking your training through Phoenix Range, you can count on experienced instruction with the material covered in a complete and friendly manner. Whether you've studied the material beforehand, shot with mentors, or have never held a firearm, Phoenix Indoor Range and Gun Shop can see you through the process!